Insul Bar

Insul Bar™ Retrofit Insulation Support System

A Unique Retrofit Insulation Support System from Insul Basket, Inc.

Insul Bar™ Retrofit Insulation Support System and Faced Fiberglass Insulation. The combination that economically increases the energy efficiency of your existing building.

An Investment in Energy Conservation that Pays for itself.

Insul Bar™ an insulation support system designed for metal buildings and bar joist construction. Full 6", 8", or 10" depths of insulation are obtained with this new innovative idea from "INSUL BASKET,™ INC."

Not only are INSUL BAR™ supports affordable, their installation is so simple and easy that substantial dollar savings are realized at the jobsite.

Thermal Values R-Value
(Insulation Only)
Acoustical Value
1 1/2" (nominal) thickness       5 Sound Absorbtion or NRC
2" (nominal) thickness 6 Vinyl Faced .75
3" (nominal) thickness 10 FSK Faced .75
4" (nominal) thickness 13 PSK Faced .70
5" (nominal) thickness 16 Unfaced .85
6" (nominal) thickness 19  

Insul Bar 1

Insul Bar 2

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